SAFI : Tried, Tested and Approved!

Hi Guys!

I am back with a fantastic new article. I recently was going through a lot of comments and requests by young girls and boys for glowing skin treatments and hacks.
I know all you youngsters out there deal with a lot of skin problems due to the teenage and bad eating habits or this happen just because of your skin type or the wrong lotions or face washes that one uses.

I finally have come down to some of my favourite hacks for the same:
1. Eat Healthy.
2. Drink a lot of water.

Recently I visited many doctors and had gone through a lot of treatments for my acne problem and the marks that these acne leave behind. Nothing actually gave me any “permanent” solution !  As soon as I stop using these medicines or cream that the doctors provide the same problem comes back. This is extremely annoying and being a girl I feel we have our own insecurities.

So finally I listened to my mom and gave a shot to SAFI.

Yes, you heard me right!

I am sure every one of us have heard about SAFI in our school times and even now but never believed in it. I am telling you from my personal experience, believe in SAFI.

I recently started using it, after much persuasion from my mom. She told me that they have this amazing 21 days formula for all skin related problems, plus has no side effects compared to medicines and best bit, it is completely pocket friendly !

Now that I had tried all the medicines and treatments for years, I thought, why not give something natural a chance.

About the product:

SAFI is a natural blood purifier. It is based on Unani science and is a product by Hamdard. It has 5 major ingredients that make Safi a miracle liquid:
1. SANA: Keeps stomach clear and helps prevent skin problems.
2. Revand Chini: Purifies blood, improves liver function and promotes cell repair.
3. Neem: Purifies blood and cures almost every skin disease.
4. Chiraita: Purifies blood and keeps it toxin free for better skin conditioning.
5. Tulsi: Improves blood circulation and helps improve shine on skin.

How does it work?

All the ingredients are extremely healthy for the body. We normally don’t go for Natural treatments, because we want fast results. Natural treatments are no doubt slow but they go to the root cause of the problem and tend to give you a permanent, long lasting solution. The 5 ingredients that are there in Safi actually make your blood pure and your digestion system extremely nice which give our skin a natural glow. My mother says that if one has Tulsi on a daily basis he/she will never have any blood problems. I now totally believe what she said.

My personal experience:

Honestly, I was so stunned about how my skin and body accepted Safi so easily without any reaction. As the days passed by, I actually felt extremely energetic. My skin started glowing as my blood was getting purified. The acne marks started reducing after almost 12 days and the old pimples decreased considerably with no sign of new ones, and that’s when I realised that this is what should I have done all along instead of all those expensive treatments and tiring visit to doctors every 15 days.

Safi has worked wonders on not only my skin but on my overall health in general. It has given me #RagonMeinKhoobsurati which is now reflecting on my face in form of healthy glow.


How to consume:
10ml (2 teaspoonful) once a day with one glass (250ml) of fresh water.

I Love SAFI.

Try it yourself.

Thank me later!

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