Hey guys!

How was your vacation?? I know many people are still in their holiday mood! Thus I have this brilliant post for all you guys! I love stylish bags while I am travelling. It’s just super comfortable to dump everything inside one bag and carry it absolutely everywhere.


So I have this classic bag for you guys from 2AM ! OMG! It’s super chic and trendy. Trust me when I carried this bag it was super comfortable as it has a shoulder handle as well as a sling to it. Its BIG FAT! I love the write up over it saying ESCAPE! I feel such bags just make you look stylish and trendy. I like to be fashionable even while I am travelling. Haha! But that doesn’t mean I take a toll over my comfort level. So such bags help you to carry everything and anything! I believe that if you have this bag for a 2 day trip anywhere, you are completely sorted. It’s such a wonderful bag!


Coming down to the durability of this bag, trust me it will go with you for years. The material and the quality is just so good. I would definitely say it’s not like those other fancy bags which are just good to look at but are too delicate. I found this bag completely rough and tough. It has small pockets too where in you can keep some cash, cards, passport anything!


If you guys agree with me you can definitely get yours too before it stocks out! I am going to share the link from where you can purchase one for yourself and yea try some other bags from the given store! They also customize bags, so if you want something to be really exclusive then you can surely approach them and i am sure they will serve you with the best!






Instagram Handle: @2am_by_anjali_and_meha


Lots of love,

Samidha Singh


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