Swatch Watches Spring Summer Collection 2016 Launch

Hey Guys!

I know, we all are seeing different launches everywhere! Its Spring Summer 2016! I recently was invited for the Swatch Spring Summer Collection 2016 Launch. OMG! They have the cutest collection of watches.

The Meet was in Mumbai, Hoppipola. It was an amazing evening with some great pictures and learnings about the new collection that Swatch Watches have launched. Taking forward we had some good food and drinks with a game in which I won a Watch from their floralia Collection. The watch is completely cute and super cute. I am crushing over it! Haha!

Summer is full of moments that cry out for more – more days at the beach, more hours of sunshine, more time to dream. The Swatch Spring-Summer Collection 2016 is on exactly the right wavelength.

 The collection was divided into 4 different themes, listed and explained below:

Es War Einmal turns favorite storybooks topsy-turvy to prove that fact is often far funnier than fiction. Floralia is saying it with flowers in a bunch of different ways, from herbarium-style Latin to charming superstition that brings wearers 24/7 luck.  The inspiration spectrum for Africana stretches from the Sahara to mascara, while Power Tracking revs up to cruise by in the style fast lane. Tropical is topical in Beach Swing, reliably forecasting that happy hours will last much longer than 60 minutes in the summer of 2016. And the ultimate tool of cool this season? That has to be Metallix, offering time for reflection inside and out.

With the Spring-Summer Collection 2016 you’ll always want more!



Once upon a time, life was a fairytale. Then Swatch created Es War Einmal to show just how much fun reality can be when you take a cheeky peek behind the scenes.

You don’t have to have a blue and white dress or an invitation to a mad tea party to network with the Queen of Hearts, the Tweedles or a Cheshire cat. WONDERQUEEN (GR165), DOUBLE ME (SUOB129) and CAT ME UP (SUOW125) bring the quirky magic of Wonderland to the wrist, without any risk of injury from falling down rabbit holes. (Important note for white rabbits: these watches may be unsuitable for you as they are not two days slow!)

Story time continues with inside stories on an iconic bat in FLAGGERMUS (SUOB130) and on a vampire whose fangs seem to have plans at midnight courtesy of DRA-COOL (GB294).

Don’t believe a word of it? NASO LUNGO (GW176) could have something to reveal about those who tell tales.



Chasing time, catching time, cherishing time… The Power Tracking timepieces are the ultimate multitaskers, changing the face of time to track moods and moments with precision and panache.

When cool and contemporary are on the agenda, these watches are the ultimate “go-to”. For techy types there are sleek chronographs and bold skeleton pieces offering a backstage tour of Swiss timekeeping accuracy. Lovers of minimalist design will gravitate to fascinating dials incorporating enigmatic openings, concentric circles or a brilliant minute tracker. Fun and function prove their affinity with color-coded timekeeping on THE INDEXTER (SUOB719). And meal and snack alerts on THE STRAPPER (GB289) are definitely food for thought.



Seize the daisies as Floralia sows the seeds for beautiful botany and lasting luck.

FLOWERFOOL (SUOW126) transforms Asian fusion into a magical floral kingdom where color rules, while FIORINELLA (SUOW127) is a romantic invitation to take time to smell the roses. For bees and flowers it’s love at first flight on FLOWER JUNGLE (LM140), as two buzzing suitors head for a gorgeous single bloom that doesn’t know which way to turn. Five timepieces join forces to create a world atlas of luck, each one dedicated to a different symbol of good fortune. Whether a four-leafed clover or the number eight is on your radar screen, these watches are tickets to promising destinations.



Designers put the pedal to the metal with Metallix to show that things are rarely what they seem. Especially when light starts flirting outrageously with metallic surfaces.

“Mirror, mirror on the wrist…”, could be what wearers of GOLDENALL (SUOK120) and SHINY MOON (SUOK121) will be saying to their watch accomplices this season. A glance at the strap of these two timepieces reveals a tantalizing picture of beauty – that’s if Swatch gave the watches the correct script – the mirror never lies is the alternative philosophy.

The Midas touch finds its way on to LATTEA (SFE105) and on to GOLDEN JEWEL (SUBK159) with its bracelet of small golden nuggets guaranteeing sparkle well beyond Vegas. Iridescence and transformation have the last word on SPOK (SUOK116) and MAREMOSSO (GE245). One ray of light acts as a magic wand and abracadabra, rainbow is the new monochrome.



From artisanal to zany, Africana finds inspiration in the countless folds and faces of the vibrant culture of Africa.

Patterns, prints and patinas shaped the creative palette, hotting up urban cool and giving tradition wings. AFRICAMINO (SUOW120) and BEHIND THE WALL (GS146) melt geometry with wild color combinations to make their mark. LOSANGELOR (SFE103) uses the power of pattern to fuel a contemporary style statement with glam overtones. With MASK PARADE (SUOB127) and MASKARA (SUOW122) Swatch puts a twist on the African tradition of stylized masks with their objective of distinguishing between appearance and essence. What’s behind those lashes blinking in slow motion and those playful hieroglyphics? Only time will tell…



Like fresh pineapple juice? And getting caught in the rain? From Rio to Tokyo, Beach Swing promises to make waves in summer 2016.

From parrots to pineapples and melons to mermaids, all the ingredients for a tropical fashion fiesta are on tap. CARNAVALESCO (SUBM124) is the ultimate party piece with its apparent ability to replace short-lived confetti with lasting sparkle to dazzle the dance-floor. For chilling on the beach and taking the plunge, the PEDRINHA Scubas (SUUK111 + SUUK110) in pink or blue are vital equipment. Finding a buddy is of course 100% the responsibility of the wearer when nautical meets tropical.

Hope you all liked the complete Review of the watches! Enjoy some Exclusive pictures!

SH-065 (1)





SH-130SH-064 (1)

Lots of Love,

Samidha Singh

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