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For a very long time the Print Clash trend was considered unconventional and extravagant, hard to pull off and definitely not meant to be followed by just everyone. After years and years of hearing that same rule stating that multiple patterns are never to be used together, we can finally get it out of our heads and fully embrace this new era in fashion when styles, colors, prints and fabrics can merge together despite their contrast, creating the most unpredictable and original looks.

Today I will be giving you all some ideas over Print clashing!

Rule No. 1: Pick a Star Color. Clashing more than two prints together is half easier if you decide on a common tone for your entire outfit. You could also pick prints that feature colors belonging to the same family, like neutrals. Either way, focus on maintaining your look refined and make it appear wearable and chick at the same time.

Rule No. 2: Make Good Use Of Stripes. In the world of prints, the stripes much like any other graphic pattern, serve as neutrals in a contrasting combination. So don’t be afraid to make good use of the stripes, by pairing them with bold prints not necessarily belonging to the same family of colors.

Rule No.3: One Hero Print at a Time. Print on print is always a good idea, as long as the finished result doesn’t look too loud or funny. With the endless possibilities out there, it is easy to take the wrong way that leads straight into overdoing the trend. In order to avoid this, remember to sport one hero print at a time, and complement it with a more subtle pattern.

Samidha’s outfit details:

I decided to go for my striped maxi dress. This printed maxi dress gives me a print clash feeling already before even pairing it up! I paired this up with my checks jacket which I have tied around my waist which also gives an illusion of a dramatic skirt.

The whole outfit looks like a Ramp walk look book. The prints are bold but due to the same color tones it’s easier to carry. I opted for black shoes to tone down the loudness of the outfit. As you all know that I have this strong addiction to BLACK LIPSTICK, you will see me wearing it in this outfit too. I love the complete dramatic look. I hope you all love the look and give it a print clash to yourself someday soon! Stay loud, stay dramatic!

Lots of love

Samidha Singh

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